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Hi guys, I need your help!!

So my boyfriend and me are going to open our own webshop filled with clothes and accesoires for her and him (i’m so excited!!!!). BUT we can’t find a good original name… He says: ‘Dress to impress’, I say: ‘sooo clich√©’. I say: ‘Crave’, he says: ‘sooo lame’ URGH!¬†

Now I thought, let’s ask my Tumblr followers since they’re constantly picking up the latest trends :) I love one-word-names, something with a kick but I like puns too! So it’s up to you, help me with a name. Something young, bubbly and something that makes you curious to check it out!

Can’t wait with what all of you guys came up with!

Thanks so much!
xoxo Me & my boo

When I see those little 8 year old pricks with iPhones. You know what I had when I was 8?



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